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If you are planning of a sleek modern contemporary bathroom or if you want to transform your bathroom into a traditional old classics’ vibe, luckily you have arrived at the company that is ready to transform your vision and ideas into reality, from starting the renovation journey to reach the end of the creativity you will be able to have a look at the insight and see how our experts rassle the magic. We have become the Frisco’s top of the line bathroom remodelers from the past 10 years or so, y able to mange the renovations and remodeling in such a less time and not leaving a single loop hole, and the quality work we have been serving to our dearer clients.

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Benefits of Bath Upgrades

Upgrading a part of the house that is meant to be the most comfort giver must be a task to think of, but you don’t need to worry, we are a collective team of the best bathroom remodelers and contractors. Upgrading can never put you in loss, it will increase the value of the space that you own in such a low investment, by giving a maintenance makeover to change the whole space into a new looking functional zone according to your personal style.

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Trusted Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Frisco Tx

We are here to share come considerations that play a very vital role in order to achieve the best and functional bathroom of your own, we have been working since a long time and are perfectly equipped with the valuable advices to meet your desired goals, and will keep an eye on your ideas also. This is very important to understand the layout of the bathroom remodeling that you want to achieve, it not only requires equipment change but also considers plumbing and electrical work which will defiantly assist you in the long run by providing you a functional flow. You can trust us on it!

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Affordable One day Bath Remodels

We want you to make the best of the investment that should be efficient, and must create the perfect troposphere and ambiance with the perfect accent lighting that will brighten up the whole bathroom in such an adequate manner, we will make sure that this whole investment turns out affordable, by using quality products we can achieve the best renovation in cost efficient manner. If you need to make small changes or renovations that we can do in one day.

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We are one of the best bathroom remodeling company in frisco. We offer exciting opportunity to you to enhance your bathroom look by embarking the best expert tips in your project. We will make sure you take out some time to functionally renovate your bathroom and achieve the best results. Our commitment is very evident if you look into the past projects that we have done, we have made old rotten washrooms into the best innovative designs.

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Shower Remodel

If you are not sure of a new shower installation you can just rebuild the shower area that requires waterproofing or new tiling, or may be its in a need of just changing the faucets, whether it is a just a tile that is compromised, we will assure you that it will not cost you a lot of money or time. This can be tricky but our specialists will do it in the meantime with a faultless job. We can also fit in the new shower area to your bathroom if you don’t have any. We also change the shower glass, and upgrade it to a new one.

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Bath Remodel

Book an appointment today, and let your passionate bathroom makeover begin, we will make sure to harmonize your life style with the reflection of your ideas and desires, we are experts in balancing the visuals that you will love for your home, we will take care of the supplies that you need to remodel your bathroom and will install the supplies with safety and assurance that will leave a longer impression in your home. We are doing the best of the remodeling in the city of Frisco, whether your bathroom needs repairing or refinishing, we do all sort of the remodeling and new installation on your bathroom.

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Tub to Shower Conversion

We have transformed hundreds of bathtubs to shower areas, as bathtub involves a larger space of your bathroom, if you have a small area in your bathroom and you want to make it more useful, and will also save water and will reduce water bills technically. Shower area requires low maintenance than a bath tub, and once installed it conditions for a longer period of time, and feels more hygienic as it needs less work on the cleanliness.

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Walk-in Tubs

Walk in tubs allow you to just step in into a bathtub and sit down for a relaxing and comfortable shower with comfort and safety, walk in tubs comes with side door and is accessible to a wheelchair as well for the disabled person to take a comfortable shower and reduces the risk of injuries for them, this type of bathtub is a therapist choice as it comes with the water therapies and is known as the compact bath with a moulded seat and a cushion seat,  and is made up of high quality gel coat fiberglass and stainless steel frame.

bathroom remodeling frisco tx

Bath flooring

Premier Bathroom flooring is the most complimentary service that is availed by the people living in Frisco as we are known as the best providing the best tiling and flooring of all the time, we offer solid hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, vinyl plank flooring, laminate flooring and different tile and marble flooring as well.

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Small Bathroom Remodel frisco

Whether you have a small bathroom, we can create the difference from old to new, from shower to tiling, or adding wallpaper to installing tubs we are here to restore your existing bathroom and will assure your comfort, we will transform your small bathroom into a luxurious space with the best quality products and craftsmanship and will make sure to design your bathroom in such a way that it looks maximized and wide.