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Why walk-in tUB?

If your bathroom has a traditional old outdated bathtub, you need to make this change to offer yourself a safe and more comfortable bathing experience. There are many types of walk in tub that you can avail in order to reclaim the joy of the bathing experience.  A walk in tub comes with a door and a seat that changes your bathing style and comfort.

  • Anti slip surface enhance safety
  • Wide door provide Accessibility
  • Powered seats make comfortable

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How to install a walk in tub?

Its not easy to get it done by one hand, you need to get plumbing, wiring and some special method of installations that can only be done by the specialist team, it is somehow a bit time consuming to install it. That is why you need to call the team of professionals so that we can make sure that these installations remain intact for a life time. Walk in tubs are more expensive than other bath tubs, more expensive bath tub has more features and will definitely require more financing for sure, these types of bath tub last long if you are not planning to change your home or space for a good time period you can get it fixed, regardless of comfort it provides a very refreshing spa like experience in your current space and can make you relax.


safety features of walk in tub or Shower for Seniors

includes secure sitting, water proofing or leak proofing, auto fill and drain in order to avoid drowning, the inner bath tub material is made up of non-slip material to provide stability and handrails for better grip.

fort worth bathroom remodel

There are pros and cons of every accessory definitely, when you need to get out of the usual bath tub you just step out of the bath tub immediately dripping water all over the floor or mat, but in this type of bath tub you need to empty the bath tub first and then can open the door of the tub to come out. It takes about 10 to 12 minutes to fully clear the tub.Also, you need to come and sit in the tub and close the door in order to get into a warm bath. These tubs have fast filling tub faucets installed with in it, and help you fill the water in time.

If you have a good space in your bathroom and you need to utilize it in a good manner you can get the walk in tub installed, walk in tubs come in sizes, we also have compact tub sizes so that you can fit them in narrow bathroom spaces, it helps avoid climbing in and out as you used to climb in old bath tub. It comes with the featured heated seat and foot hold and handlebars that will allow you enjoy a peaceful and comfortable bath and provides aero therapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy with in the bath tub.

fort worth bathroom remodel
fort worth bathroom remodel

This bath tub comes with wheelchair accessibility and temperature control module, it helps to accommodate bigger body types and can take up to 300- to- 500-pound weight capacity.