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Once you have decided to tile your bathroom take some time out to choose what type of flooring you want to install in, we provide textured tile, vinyl flooring or glaze flooring and way more of a variety to make your bathroom look amazing. We provide guarantee of the tiling and durability that will suit in your bathroom floor. We also tile your shower back splashes and sink backsplashes, we have a variety of color schemes available for the wall tiling and flooring.

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Call us to come measure your space and to give you a free estimation on the expenditures and the number of tiles you need to use in order to renovate your bathroom, we ensure safety on the orders you give and also give extra tiles with the orders in order to avoid the breakages. Once we finalize the project together, the next step is to get the surface ready for tiling, it is very important to have a clean and even surface to get the best of the results.

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If you are planning to refurbish or renovate the existing tiling, we need to breakdown the existing installed tiles or any adhesives from the wall or floor. Then our team checks if you need to see if the wall or floor is even, if the wall or floor has holes or cracks, we need to make sure it is even to get a new flooring on it.

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We also make sure water proofing as per the tile company instructions to ensure your safety and seal it to get well adhesion and attachment to the floor and wall. You need to clean the tiles and floors with the help of the tile cleaner, it won’t take a lot of your time but will help you get a long- lasting better result, and will benefit you for a longer time. Tiling and flooring require minimum tool and equipment and is quite simple to install, tiling is preferred for a bathroom because of its variety of reasons, it is easy to install and clean, and is durable as it lasts for a longer period of time. Tiles are water repellant and also is easy to wipe dust from.

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It depends on your budget what type of flooring you are wanting to install and how it will help you elevate the bathroom, in a low budget vinyl can be the best fitting for you for a life time. And if you have a good budget, you can get geometric flooring, marble flooring, herringbone flooring, heated flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, straight pattern flooring, chevron pattern flooring etc.