Are you experiencing slow draining of your bathroom sink? Have you wondered why is this happening? Well, you are not alone in this matter, every one faces this issue now or then, if you live in your own space or rental, you must have faced this issue once in a lifetime. Let me tell you why it happens.

In this article we will delve into the discussion of how to unclog a bathroom sink and much more information regarding it. This issue occurs when the bathroom drain accumulates hair, soap froth and other fragments that lead to slow draining or blocked sinks.

We will provide you a detailed guide on how you can overcome this problem in no time and you do not need to call home services for that, rather unclog your bathroom sink on your own and it will definitely help to prevent blockages in future as well.


With the assistance of right tools and techniques you can easily get rid of the clogged sink that isn’t draining properly you will be able to fix the issue immediately, let us explain the usual culprits making your sink clogged:

Hair Mass

One of the most common issues that has been clogging the sink pipe and drain is the hair scum or mass that combines together over time and creates a thick scum which hinders the water to flow and drain properly, you need to regularly clean the drain to avoid the clogging issue in future.

Soap Froth

Have you ever noticed a thick scum like substance attached to the inner sides of pipes of the sink or drain? That sticky substance is made up of the hard water and soap foam mixture. Which attaches to the walls of the pipe that narrows the passage of water flow and thus attaches with the hair mass forming a huge clog that doesn’t allow water to pass. To avoid this, you need to use liquid type of soap and must clean the drain regularly.

Other Objects

Many of the times, small objects like toys, ornaments, toothpaste caps, damaged pipes residues, that accidently fall into the sink drain can also cause a huge blockage, as it will create a hurdle and will not allow water to pass, make sure you have a cover over your sink drain so that foreign objects wont fall into the small drain causing a huge problem to your lovely space.

Have you seen a white frosted layers in pipe that looks like it’s been collecting in the pipe over a long time? These sorts of deposits give a harm in resulting damaging the drain pipe or restricting the water flow from the sinks. You can prevent the hardness of water by using water softening agents that will help address the issue for sure.

Steps to remove the clog from the bathroom sink:

It is necessary to first understand the root cause why is your bathroom sink clogged, above-mentioned issues can be the reason of the clogging, if its just a blockage these mentioned problems need to be solved and if it is because of any plumbing issue you may need to call a professional plumber to fix it,

If you know, what are you dealing with, it will help you take the best step to avoid the issue in future and will improve your sink’s functionality.


Boiling water is the most eco friendly method when it comes to address a clogged bathroom sink. Hot water helps dissolve the soap residues and the minor blockages like hair and greasy hair attached in the pipe, before you start the process you need to make sure your sink is empty and is free from standing water:


  • Prepare the sink or the blockage area to start the procedure, empty the sink with a scoop or use other draining method to empty it.
  • Make sure you don’t own a porcelain sink as the boiling water isn’t suitable for this type of sink, make sure your sink can handle the heat of it.
  • Boil the water, and fill a kettle with the amount of water you need to boil. A liter or two will be enough for it.
  • Slow pour the boiling water directly into the drain to see if it starts draining, if it flows faster that means that the blockage has been addressed likely with the boiling hot water.
  • If the problem isn’t solved by the plain boiled water, try mixing vinegar and baking soda with it.
  • Now that you have unclogged the sink considered the above explained issues and take preventive steps to avoid future blockages.

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